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Gallery: 13049 - Cover

Playmate Pillow Fight - Playmate Features


In February 1963 we noted that no picture story provided a bigger kick (for our readers and ourself) than the Playmate Holiday House Party in our Eighth Anniversary issue. Following a full dozen of Playboy’s prettiest Playmates on a weekend run of the Chicago Playboy Mansion was no snap job; the shooting ran through three days and nights during which our photo staff logged more than 2000 color shots. Although many of the scenes were planned in advance, our alert lensmen kept their eyes open (who wouldn’t?) while the girls were “resting” between takes. That’s how they caught Playmates Teddi Smith (July 1960), Carrie Radison (June 1957), Christa Speck (September 1961) and Delores Wells (June 1960) in the impromptu pillow fight that enlivens this feature. And while not a part of the planned party and not published with the original picture story, we felt that these spontaneous Playmate photos were too delightful not to print for our readers.