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Gallery: 9111 - Cover

Playmate of the Month August 1957 - Dolores Donlon


THE GIRL NEXT DOOR Miss August imparts new meaning to the love thy neighbor bit Much has been said and written about the “girl-next-door” quality of Playboy’s Playmates, even in literate journals like The Nation and the Saturday Review, and we’ve done a goodly bit of the saying ourselves. Lately, though, we’ve been wondering if the lot of us haven’t been guilty of sloppy thinking in this area. For every girl (unless she’s a hermit, and we don’t know many of these) lives next door to someone; and, in this sense, every girl is a girl-next-door. Take Dolores Donlon, our August Playmate, for instance. This lithe, long-limbed, languorous, luscious blonde drives a snow-white T-bird and a baby blue Cad and lives in a two-story Spanish-style house with a swimming pool and 20 rooms (eight of them bedrooms). But does all this make her any less of a girl-next-door? Not if you happen to live next door to her in Beverly Hills, California, it doesn’t – and we know a couple of lucky lads who do.