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Gallery: 8965 - Cover

Playmate of the Month January 1958 - Elizabeth Ann Roberts


SCHOOLMATE PLAYMATE Miss January is a bouncy teenager Reading and writing and ‘rithmetic are the subjects that occupy button-bright Elizabeth Ann Roberts – a student in her teens – even though most other girls her age are occupied with different subjects, such as Boys and Boys and Boys. Her mother, with whom she lives, feels she is too young to “get serious” about the male animal, you see, so little Liz has never had a real date, to date. Honest. Instead, she buckles down to the above-mentioned three Rs and spends her leisure hours with girlfriends and mother (over the holidays, she and mom took a trip to Bermuda, where Elizabeth picked up a tasty tan). Though an unrelenting chaperone, mother is no prude: she’s a broad-minded and charming lady who accompanied Liz to the Playboy offices and fully approved of her teenage daughter becoming the first Playmate of 1958.