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Gallery: 6129 - Cover

Playmate of the Month March 1963 - Adrienne Moreau


MANHATTAN MANNEQUIN Miss March is a debonair example of urban development

One reason New York is a nice place to visit is the girls who want to live there – particularly the ebulliently budding models and actresses who brighten the city as they anonymously pursue their careers and dreams. Such an unsung charmer – typical in her buoyant hopes, atypical in her cool blonde beauty – is Adrienne Moreau, an aspiring New York free-lance fashion model and our March Playmate. The short happy life of Miss March began 21 summers ago in Trenton, New Jersey, where she was born of French parents; following schooling in both Jersey and Pennsylvania she entered Rutgers to study the diplomatic arts (specializing in languages and political science). Along the way her vivacious personality led to many extracurricular activities: she first did fashion modeling at 16 in Philadelphia, starred in two high school plays, and during college worked as a part-time teacher in a New Brunswick charm school. After giving the academic life the old college try for two years, Adrienne left Rutgers in the spring of 1961 with the time-honored ambition of becoming a girl of independent ways and means in NYC. Since her arrival, she has done well in publicity and advertising assignments (unlike fashiondom’s usual skeleton crew, she tapes a notable 38-22-36) and recently was able to finance a snug walk-up apartment on 73rd Street just off Central Park, where she lives with a roommate amid a pleasant feminine clutter of clothing and cosmetics. Though somewhat shy at first introduction, Adrienne makes friends easily with men, who are invariably taken with her quick enthusiasms, her spontaneous laugh, and the fact that she so obviously enjoys masculine company. Of her future she says: “I’m terribly unrealistic – I want to become a great actress, and travel extensively, and marry a wise, decisive man. And I want lots of laughter and wonderful unpredictable things along the way. I don’t want to live by any blueprint.” For the nonce, lovely Adrienne is clearly content with the lively life of a New York bachelor girl – and glad to have Playboy’s company as she relaxes in and around the apartment she hopes will be her launching pad.