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Gallery: 4577 - Cover

Playmate of the Month April 1963 - Sandra Settani


SHIP’S BELLE on deck for April: our well-rigged, shipshape Playmate

Though brown-tressed Sandra Settani doesn’t know a ship’s Plimsoll mark from a porthole, in the past year she has become one of Miami Beach’s most sought-after deck hands – for the same pleasantly see-worthy considerations that have led to her selection as our April Playmate. Born in Wisconsin and raised and schooled in Illinois (she was a psychology major for two years at Southern Illinois University), Sandra first visited Miami Beach on a vacation trip, and liked the local view of the good life so much that she stayed on to work as a secretary in a real estate office; she now shares quarters with another ex-Illinois girl in a pink-and-white apartment “brimming with clothes and mirrors” which overlooks the bay and a panorama of the glittery hotel strip. A refreshingly friendly and happy-go-lucky girl, Sandra thinks the keynote of her character is an insatiable curiosity about “the mechanics of everyone’s personality,” and admits that her main shortcoming is a penchant for procrastination (“Just call me the original disorganization girl”). Being a tall (5’ 8 ½"), green-eyed head-swiveler, she naturally receives her share of attention from date-minded local bloods, and has developed a philosophical attitude toward the necessity of keeping the wolves from her door: “I just try to be tactful, and hope that they respect me for being courteous to them. As to men in general, my favorites are all well read, unassuming, self-made types, and – most important – fun to be with.” Sandra is a moderately active outdoor girl, and like most young beachniks is fond of swimming, sunbathing and riding in power boats with masculine company on balmy weekend afternoons. “Nighttimes,” she confides, “my idea of the ideal date is a long and leisurely dinner in a Polynesian restaurant, followed by a quiet get-together with either his friends or mine, followed by a late visit to a small, romantic night spot where there’s good music and dancing and talk.” On dateless evenings Sandra likes to eat out (“Why should I punish myself with my own cooking?”), then retire at 9:30 onto her gigantic bed, there to lazily read herself to sleep (via Ayn Rand, John Steinbeck or Kahlil Gibran). Her daydreams are as unclouded and euphoric as the local weather reports: “Mostly, I just let events come as they may, with the only goal in mind of having a good time. However, someday I’d like to finish college – maybe in Europe – and then travel like those lucky girls in the steamship ads, going to every exotic place there is. After that, I’d like to settle in Hawaii and live in a bikini and muumuu.” For an unclad glimpse of our extraordinary seaman, yachtsmen should turn forthwith to the gatefold, where sleepy Sandra is shown playing it cool, wearing nought but a sultry expression beneath her nautical hat.