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Gallery: 1178 - Cover

Playmates of the Month May 1966 - Dolly Read


AMBITIONS: To be a success. TURN-ONS: Handsome, rugged men. TURNOFFS: Getting up in the morning, filling in forms. GREAT FLICKS: “The Great Escape,” “Von Ryan’s Express,” “The Sound of Music.” FAVORITE AUTHOR: Mickey Spillane. FAMILY LIFE: My father is an engineer, my mother is a housewife, one of my brothers is a chef and the other is a chemist. THE PERFECT MEAL: Chinese food and coffee. PLAY ME SOME: Tony Bennett or Johnny Mathis. MY IDEAL EVENING: Dinner by candlelight with a delicious man. I LOVE BEING A PLAYMATE: Because I’m proud to be among the first English Bunnies at the new London Club.