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Gallery: 8886 - Cover

Playmate of the Month September 1988 - Laura Richmond


Dear Playboy,

I’m a Texan who found her way to L.A.’s Occidental College, where I study English and talk “bunny”. A couple of years ago, my best friend and I started using bunny to describe everyone - “dumb bunny”, “fashion bunny”, etc. Then my boyfriend and I started calling each other bunny in that cutesy way couples have. When we broke up, I told everyone I was no longer a love bunny but a Playboy bunny. Friends gave me rabbit head pins, clothes, cigarette lighters - everything. Which led me to wonder what it would be like to pose for Playboy…

Dear Playboy Readers,

Hi. Guess what? I’m a Playmate. My letter-writing habit paid off. Writing may be a silent way to get results, but so far, it has gotten me an internship with Kerrang! - a London rock-and-roll magazine - a long-distance love affair and my current gig as Miss September. I’ve recently joined forces with a Hollywood performance-art troupe, Torture Chorus, amd am learning to translate my literary fantasies into body language.

Now I’m such an active participant in real life, I’m too busy to keep up with my correspondence. People used to tell me I should try my hand at acting. I thought, what a cliché. But Torture Chorus challenged me - a writer never has to come face to face with her audience! Still, it’s a kick to interact with audiences. I used to be intimidated by the kind of people who run around getting things done, but I’ve learned this: I may be a little more passive, more silent than most, but I still get things done. And now that something as sily as my obsession with a bunny has led to the result you see here, I dare anyone to tell me that daydreaming is wasting time.

Yours, Laura Richmond