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Nedi Nazari, Instagram @nedi_nazari

It's Almost Spring, So Let's Get Ready With 20 Sexy Ladies Hanging By the Pool

By Tyler Lemco

To some ladies, this whole bikini game is a real serious thing. My pool-side attire is usually just some old basketball shorts, but there are some women who take bikini-wearing to new plateaus (not that I’d wear a bikini, that would be the stuff of nightmares). These bikini babes are arguably the best part about summer. There’s lots of good things about summer time, like the weather and the pools and such, but girls in bikinis tops the list of awesome things.

When you’re lounging by the pool, it’s important to try and tan as much surface area as possible. That’s why it’s key to wear as small of a bikini as possible as well. Get those rays, ladies!

Instagram, @amandaeliselee