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The Strangest, Rarest And Most Bizarre Collectibles From The Depths Of The Star Wars Universe

By Eric Alt

Anyone worth their weight in Bantha poodoo knows about Skywalker Ranch, George Lucas’ Marin County compound that is home to Lucasfilm. Not too far away but not as well known is a place called Rancho Obi-Wan, where former Lucasfilm employee and lifelong science fiction obsessive Steve Sansweet has amassed the Guinness Book-verified largest collection of Star Wars memorabilia on the planet. “We think we have about half a million pieces,” says Sansweet. “About a fifth of which are inventoried.” In 2011, his collection was turned into a non-profit museum that offers booked tours for fans.

As anticipation mounts for Star Wars: The Force Awakens (“From a collector’s standpoint, the new movies scare the hell out of me,” admits Sansweet. “We have 10,000 square feet here. And it’s already filled. What are we going to do?”), we asked Steve to dig up the redheaded stepchildren of his collection – those head-scratching misfit toys of the Star Wars universe. We must be cautious…