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cover Scarlett-Byrne

10 Stunning Outtakes From Scarlett Byrne's Playboy Shoot

By Playboy Staff

The Free the Nipple movement: Much has been discussed, but little has been done to liberate certain aspects of the female form, even as we settle into 2017. But actress Scarlett Byrne is a woman of both action and articulation. For Playboy’s March/April issue, Byrne has penned a short essay exploring what it means (and doesn’t mean) to be a feminist today.

She grapples with the reality that “when women associate themselves with anything involving ownership of their sexuality, they’re often perceived as having abandoned their intellect.” Byrne also elected to pose nude alongside her words, driving the point: The personification of sexuality and cerebral consciousness are not mutually exclusive.

Click through to see the outtakes from her shoot and read her essay, “The Feminist Mystique,” in full here.

To see the complete nude pictorial, purchase the magazine here.

Photography by Ali Mitton
Styling by Kelly Ash
Hair by Rachel Lee Brady for Atelier Management
Makeup by Stacey Tan for Art Department
Produced by Vivianne Lapointe