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Gallery: 2620 - Cover

Coed of the Month - July 2006: Sofia Deleon 01


“I have a rep for helping my guy friends get girls,” said svelte and sexy Sofia Deleon, who previously told that working as a wing woman was her special talent. “Two of my boys told me yesterday that they wanted to party last night and missed my talents.” Sofia certainly has the skills to sway anyone, male or female, but the best-of-the-best bar buddy isn’t too bad at finding her own love connection. “I let the guys come to me,” she says. “I’m observant and study men. I know what I want: a real gentleman.” That kind of confidence and drive has given her a leg up in the real estate industry. But potential suitors, be warned: She has the tenacity of Trump. “I love negotiating, with work or with guys, because I always win,” she said.