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Whoa, The Front of this House in Vietnam is a Three-Story Vertical Garden

By Nicole Theodore

Saigon, a chaotic city in Vietnam with a super high population density, is known for its tradition of covering balconies with flowerpots and tropical plants. But like other cities, it also has a huge problem with energy efficiency. So Cvo Trong Nghia architects took the city’s love affair with greenery and its energy problem and turned a traditional ‘tube’ house into the ultimate urban jungle. Appropriately called “Stacking Green House,” the front and back facades of the home are entirely composed of layers of concrete planters with automatic irrigation pipes. The plants help shade and cool the house, in turn creating an amazing shadow effect on the granite walls. Natural ventilation comes through the facades as well. “We intended this house to inspire people to re-define and re-increase the greenery as the character of this city,” says the architects. My favorite feature of the home though? The roof top garden, of course.

Photos courtesy of Vo Trong Nghia Architects