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017 Style Studio MK27 Lee House

Tour a Modern American Ranch House—In Brazil

Alyson Sheppard & Ernie Monteiro

By Alyson Sheppard & Ernie Monteiro

The best way to describe the modern, ranch-style Lee house in Porto Feliz, São Paulo, Brazil, is…extremely horizontal. The 9,600 sq. ft. minimalist home, built in 2012, is just one big rectangle. Forget hallways: The rooms are only accessible through an outdoor corridor like rooms in a motel. The architects, Marcio Kogan and Eduardo Glycerio of Studio MK27, say this design encourages residents to live both inside and outside, and protects them from the year-round Brazilian heat. “The living room has cross-ventilation, which greatly lowers the internal temperature,” they say. “And the other rooms are protected by wooden, muxarabi panels that filter the sun without removing the ventilation.” The internal living area, which includes couches, a kitchen, bar, dining area, and hanging fireplace, opens on both sides, connecting the back pool deck to the garden of palm trees out front. The four bedrooms, spa, gym, and sauna flank the living area and are also shielded from the sun by a thick slab of white mortar overhead.