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Pop Culture - Ben There, Done That?

By What did Ben Affleck do to you?

Tammy Morris: He gave me oral sex. In Canada, we say he went down on me.

PB: Did you enjoy it?

TM: Oh, of course. What girl wouldn’t?

PB: Was he any good?

TM: He never did it for an extremely long period of time.

PB: But he was pretty good?

TM: Yeah. But he never kept going to see….

PB: He never got you to the promise land?

TM: No.

PB: The rumor is that the National Enquirer paid you $100,000 for your story. What do you say to someone who says that taints your story?

TM: I never went to the National Enquirer. I told the truth. And we were threatened earlier with our jobs.

PB: So the club threatened you if you talked about the incident?

TM: Oh, yes, they threatened. So I knew that if I told the truth I would lose my job. So getting some sort of compensation [makes sense] because I am not welcome to work there anymore.

PB: What is the situation at Brandi’s?

TM: I am not allowed on the sidewalk in front of Brandi’s. They are telling anyone who talks about what happened that night that they will not work there anymore.

PB: Do you want to dance again? Are you looking for places to dance?

TM: I would love to dance in the States.

PB: How has this incident affected your life in general?

TM: I’m not that proud of it. Yes, I was involved, but Ben Affleck was the one that was engaged. It looks bad on me, too, but gosh, I really hope that one day, if I have a fiancĂ©, he doesn’t do anything close to that. I feel sorry for Jennifer Lopez.

PB: If you were J. Lo, would you leave Ben over what happened?

TM: Yes, I would. You know what they say, once a cheater, always a cheater.

PB: We understand you have a role in the new horror film, Freddy vs. Jason.

TM: I worked as a body double, so I was wearing a wig. I am the girl who gets killed in the shower, so you wouldn’t even know it was me. I am also in a movie coming out with Tom Arnold called After School Special. I’ve also done commercials. The club I worked in did not open until 7 or 8 at night so I could do my auditions during the day. Obviously that’s what I am more interested in doing. I like being an entertainer. I would like to be an entertainer without taking my clothes off, that would be the ultimate.

PB: So this incident may be a stepping-stone for you?

TM: If it helps, that’s great. If it doesn’t, I am no further behind.

PB: You and the Enquirer are being sued by a woman who dances at the club under the name Felicia. You say Affleck also performed oral sex on her, at the club. Her suit claims you made this whole thing up. How do you respond?

TM: I can’t comment on the lawsuit.

PB: But everything you have told the Enquirer is true?

TM: One hundred percent.