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Gallery: 14051 - Cover

The Hottest Women on TV Live In Magic City


Magic City—Miami Beach circa 1959—is a hotbed for undercover crime, sexual scandals and brutal betrayal. Beneath shining surface appearances, all golden curls, form-hugging fashion and bling, boils a world of danger that nobody can escape; least of all the show’s sexiest characters, Judi Silver and Lily Diamond, both of whom share close ties to some of the most dangerous men in any room.JUDI SILVER is in the crosshairs – she knows too much, is a threat to too many scary men… too many people want Judi Silver dead. Judi’s street smarts can carry her only as far as her stubborn, maybe even suicidal attraction to Stevie and the Miramar Playa will allow. Judi’s connection to the Evans men may be her undoing… or it may be her salvation, as an unexpected relationship with Danny shows Judi the possibilities of the path not taken.LILY DIAMOND lives on the Butcher’s knife-blade. By betraying her lover Stevie, she satiates her husband Ben Diamond’s need to watch… but for how long? Will Lily’s secret employer, Chicago mob boss Sy Berman, protect her from the Butcher’s wrath? As The Butcher’s world gets more complicated, so does Lily’s delicate life and death dance. Her complex feelings for Stevie only raise the stakes. Lily is a survivor – using her beauty and brains and sex to control the dangerous men in her life but Ben Diamond is uncontrollable. Lily’s secret escape plan could be too little too late.The new season of Magic City premieres June 14 on Starz.