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Women Of Wrestling

These 43 Female Wrestlers Were Made To Grapple With

By Tyler Lemco

Wrestling has been around for generations. In theory, it’s a tad bit ridiculous. It’s basically just a bunch of grown men jumping around on a pseudo-trampoline pretending to fight. The fact that it’s so popular is actually kind of absurd. However, the stories are decent and it does get the testosterone pumping just like any other sport. Then there’s the ladies. Oh, the ladies of wrestling! For such a macho, rugged concept, it doesn’t really make sense that every single woman wrestler is a complete smoke show. Hey, nobody’s complaining, though. Not only are these women the epitome of stunning, but most of them are incredible athletes as well. The acrobatics they can pull off in the ring are equally as impressive as their selfies and glam shots. So, in honor of their beauty and skill, here are the hottest women of pro wrestling.