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Aneta Kowal, Instagram @anetakowal

These Girls Can't Help But Burst Out Of Their Tops

By Tyler Lemco

It’s not all fun and games being a, um, well-endowed girl. For starters, you’re going to get a ton of attention. Everyone loves big boobs, but having them is like having a giant bullseye on you at all times. Another problem is that those things can be heavy. We’re talkin’ back-problems-kinda-heavy. Many girls need to get their God-given chesticles taken down a notch due to back pain from lugging around those milk jugs 24/7. Finally, there’s the issue of finding clothes.

I was talking to a girl recently who’s been gifted with some massive breasts and she expressed how difficult it is to dress. For starters, she can’t wear anything baggy, because that’ll just make her look 300 pounds. Those round mounds on her chest come out so far, that if she wears a non-form-fitting t-shirt, it’ll just look like she’s way thicker than she actually is. Then there’s also the issue of finding anything that she can squeeze those things into without it looking like she’s trying to flaunt them. They ain’t always so easy to hide. These girls know that struggle, but they seem to be doing just fine. Here’s to the large-chested women, who have to put up with those things every day. We thank them for it!