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cover Girls Gallery Playmate-Redux Cara-Zavaleta

We Could All Use a Little More Cara Zavaleta in Our Lives

By Team

Curious about what Miss November 2004 Cara Zavaleta has been up to since her centerfold made her famous? We have answers!

Of Sound Wine

“I’m a total wine nerd. I love everything about it—even the technical aspects like fermentation and maceration. One of my favorite books is Women of the Vine, a bunch of profiles of the most powerful women in the wine industry. After I read it, I was like, ‘I must make wine.’ There’s just one problem: I’m equally obsessed with Southern California, which isn’t exactly Napa Valley in terms of wine production. The good news is that a few different Malibu-based vineyards produce great wine. So who knows? Maybe I’ll combine my two passions—wine and Southern California—and become the next big Malibu winemaker.”

The Mighty Spaniards

“My favorite California wine is cabernet. Its complexity can’t be beat. But lately, I’ve also developed a serious taste for Spanish wines. They have a strong bite that I really enjoy. I just had an amazing bottle of Tempranillo from the Rioja province of northern Spain. I like Spanish Monticello, too; it’s super earthy. Grenache is incredible as well. Come to think of it, there isn’t a Spanish wine that I don’t like.”

Red It

“Everyone worries too much about how to pair red wine and white wine with food. I say drink what you like. If you like chardonnay or cabernet, drink it with whichever food you want. My general rule is that you should drink white wine during the day and red wine at night. That’s just how it is: White wine is an afternoon delight and red wine makes dinner complete.”

Write What You Know

“I’ve had a blog for as long as I can remember. I write about all the things I love in life—my son, cooking, flowers and of course, wine. I like getting feedback and answering questions from my readers. A lot of men ask me about wine. I try to help them because I think it’s sexy when a man knows a thing or two about wine. Personally, two romantic gestures will always win me over (one big, one small, both vino-related)—a surprise weekend getaway to Napa Valley or my favorite bottle of wine.”

Photos by Chris Fortuna