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Danielle Sharp, Instagram @daniellesharp

With These Ladies In The Sheets, You'll Never Want To Get Out Of Bed

By Tyler Lemco

It’s getting to be that time of year again, where the seasons begin to change and the temperatures drop. It sucks. Going outside becomes more and more of a chore and getting out of bed in the morning becomes close to impossible. Seriously, have you tried getting out of bed when your blanket literally feels like a cloud that just came out of the dryer, and the outside world is a cool -55 degrees? It’s brutal.

Getting out of bed is hard, but do you know what makes it literally impossible? When one of these lovely ladies is in there, begging you to stay. Just imagine that: one of these stunning babes, begging you to stay in bed with them. In the iconic words of Uncle Jesse Katsopolis, “Have mercy!”