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5' 7"
115 lbs

Playboy: Where do you work?

Alexia: I’m a surgical assistant for an oral surgeon. We perform oral biopsies, jaw reconstructions and implants. That’s dental implants—not the other kind of implants.

Playboy: What role do you play?

Alexia: I prep the patients for surgery, sterilize the instruments, hand the doctor his tools during the procedure and help the patient in post-op.

Playboy: Do you have a favorite dental instrument?

Alexia: The Cogswell elevator. It looks like a beak, and in reconstructive surgery we use it to——

Playboy: Actually, we don’t want to know. Do patients hit on you?

Alexia: It happens from time to time, most often when they are under anesthetic. When they are coherent they may not say a word to me, but once they’re under they’ll start telling me how pretty they think I am.

Playboy: Only from time to time?

Alexia: At work I wear baggy scrubs, a face mask and goggles. I don’t even put on makeup because my face is covered for the whole shift.

Playboy: When you meet a guy, do you check out his teeth?

Alexia: Yes. Before I even talk to him I scope that out. A lot of people don’t take care of themselves. If that’s how you take care of your teeth, what does that tell me about the rest of your hygiene or how clean your house is? Sometimes guys who are dating my friends will come in for an office visit. I see what’s going on in their mouth and I think, She’s kissing that?

  • March 31, 2009
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    This is all ??? Such a Beautiful woman deservws to be seen more.
  • Anonymous
    I Agree with David Alexia is one Beautiful Woman How about Some Pictures of Alexia