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Special Edition


Amber Jay 2 photos
Seattle, WA
5' 7"
110 lbs
Playboy: That’s quite an outfit. What do you wear to work?
Amber: This. 

Playboy: Okay, what do you wear over that? 
Amber: No, this is my uniform. Almost, at least. 

Playboy: Huh? 
Amber: I work at Knotty Bodies Espresso. It’s a coffee stand in Seattle where we wear lingerie and bikinis, and every Friday is costume day. 

Playboy: Costume day? 
Amber: On Knotty Fridays you get to put on outfits. I rock full-on thigh highs. 

Playboy: That made us perk right up. 
Amber: That’s kind of the point. It’s an awesome job. I love my customers. 

Playboy: We didn’t think Seattle had year-round bikini weather. 
Amber: We have a space heater. 

Playboy: What’s the hardest part of the job—picking out what to wear? 
Amber: No. It’s either being on my feet all day or waking up at four in the morning and leaving my little black pug, Mia, in my bed. 

Playboy: We want to wake up to you every morning. 
Amber: I’ve heard that one a few times before.
  • October 31, 2009
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