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Ashley Krystle 4 photos
Atlanta, GA
5' 7"
130 lbs
Playboy: Hello there. Where are we? 
Ashley: You’re in Atlanta, at Buckhead’s new hot spot, Havana Club. 

Playboy: Amazing. It’s like being in Cuba but surrounded by beautiful Georgia peaches. 
Ashley: That’s the point. 

Playboy: Guess you wouldn’t be able to scare up a cigar, would you? 
Ashley: Actually we have a full cigar bar in the back if the mood suits you. 

Playboy: Do you work the cigar bar as well? 
Ashley: No, I think they like to keep me out in the front. 

Playboy: Shrewd. How do you like working here? 
Ashley: It’s really cool. Most of the clientele are regulars and have become friends, so basically I get paid to hang out and do shots with my friends. 

Playboy: We couldn’t help noticing that you are hanging out a little. 
Ashley: What can I say? I have to have the girls out! That’s just how I roll. 

Playboy: What kind of drink is your specialty? Cuba Libre? 
Ashley: Like I said, I like to do shots with my friends. I’ll mix up some a.m.’s—have one now and you’ll want to party into the a.m. 

A.M. (SHOT) 
1 part Cîroc Red Berry 
1 part Cîroc Coconut 
Splash of simple syrup 
Splash of sour mix 
Splash of 7Up 

Mix, serve in a shot glass and enjoy.
  • June 17, 2010
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