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Casey Mae 2 photos
San Antonio, TX
5' 2"
107 lbs
This week's Cyber Girl, Casey Mae, is half Spanish, half Filipino and all parts exotic beauty; she likes her cars fast and her nights wild. This Texas Bikini Team member likes living life in the fast lane—literally. "I watch drag racing as well as taking part in it," says our goddess of speed, because "it gives me an adrenaline rush." When Casey goes to clubs, it's the guys who get the adrenaline rush. If it were up to her, Casey would prefer to wear nothing when she goes clubbing—or "I would dress like Hugh Hefner's Midsummer Night's Dream Bunnies' (meaning lingerie or painted-on bikinis). But, since Hef's place is about the only "club" where clothing is optional, instead our Cyber Girl usually wears a bikini top and low-cut pair of pants. Which begs the question: What does she think makes a woman sexy? "It's not all about just being pretty," says pretty Casey. "Any woman who fulfills the potential of her resources is sexy in my book". We think Casey is fulfilling her potential very nicely, thank you.
  • April 15, 2001
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