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Chantal Vachon 1 photos
Burlington, Canada
5' 6"
115 lbs
With all the beautiful Canadians we've seen in the Cyber Girl section (June alone had to Canadian-born cyber Girls of the Week and the June cyber Girl of the Month was French Canadian Katia Corriveau), we're starting to wonder if Canada hasn't spiked its water with some kind of beauty elixir. And if that's the case our latest cyber Girl of the Week, Chantal Vachon, must have her own private fountian. While she wouldn't fully admit to our theory, she did say, in her beguiling accent, that a sexy woman is one who "takes care of herself and enjoys life, love and laughter." It's now wonder then that her modeling career steered her to a place known for its abundance of women who enjoy all of those things -- the Playboy Mansion. Now that she's had a taste of life in the United States and as a member of the Playboy family, Chantal says she has two priorities: improving her English and working as much as possible with Playboy.
  • August 5, 2001
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