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Dana Marie 3 photos
N/A, N/A
5' 4"
112 lbs

Playboy: Tell us about your job.

Dana: I'm a contractor for the Army -- a pencil pusher, really. I read reports on missiles and weapons and edit them because the Army has a certain way of writing.

Playboy: How do people react when they hear what you do?

Dana: No one believes me. And then they ask a million questions that I can't answer for security reasons.

Playboy: Okay, we won't ask any of those. But is it true we have nuclear warheads aimed at Kim Jong Il at all times?

Dana: That wasn't even deft.

Playboy: Sorry. Is your workplace very stressful?

Dana: No, everyone's pretty relaxed. We're constantly making fun of one another.

Playboy: What do they tease you about?

Dana: There are things. It's a male-dominated environment, so you get the usual "that's what she said" jokes.

Playboy: That must be hard.

Dana: Exactly.

Playboy: Do you like a man in uniform?

Dana: Absolutely. I watch them march every day.

Playboy: What's the sexiest uniform? Army? Navy? Postal?

Dana: Football! I like the tight pants. I have NFL season tickets. My girlfriend and I used to go just to check out the players, and somehow we started actually paying attention to the games. Now we are absolutely hooked.

  • June 30, 2008
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