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Darva Conger 1 photos
Carbondale, IL
5' 5"
114 lbs
Darva Conger never wanted to marry a multimillionaire. "I was just going to be on TV and wave to my family and friends," she said in an interview with Good Morning America. "We thought it was just a lark." Her decision to participate in that lark, however, started a chain of media events usually reserved for music and movie stars, not a career nurse. Looking back, she wishes she had just said no to Rick Rockwell's proposal. But how do you say no in front of 22 million people when you knew from the beginning that this moment was a possibility? "Consequently," she said, "I did nothing." Which meant going along with the wedding, and, like all new brides, having only a vague idea of what was to come. What followed after her "I do" were weeks of media scrutiny and harassment, including reporters hounding her, her family and her friends. With the "honeymoon" now over and Darva having survived her first experience with the media frenzy, she's vowed to make the best of the situation. "I'm courting the publicity now. I need to, to make a living -- being a professional celebrity doesn't pay very well." She knows all this attention will die down eventually. But until then she wants to make the best possible decisions she can. She includes Playboy as one of her well-thought-out moves. "I feel comfortable with these photographs, and that's nice."
  • December 30, 2007
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  • Anonymous
    #'s 28 and 29 are amazing pictures. The lighting on her amazing body in #29 is one of the best pictures ever taken
  • Anonymous
    12 years later Darvas pictures are still in my personal top 5 favorites of all time.
    Truly the girl next door! I love this pictorial! Like Kyle it's one of my favourite pictorials ever. Would you consider posting some additional photos from it please?
    I agree that this is a very good photo shoot. Let.'s see some more, she is very photographic.
  • Matthew
    so beautiful... one of the greatest bodies ever... I love this pictorial... spent many hours stroking to Darva... she is amazing...
  • KYLE
    Probably my Favorite pictorial ever.