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Dawn Tortorice 1 photos
Las Vegas, Nevada
5' 7"
122 lbs
This week's Cyber Girl hails from a place—Buffalo, NY—where hot is usually only used to describe the appetizers the city is famous for. But now the city has also given us another hot commodity, Dawn Tortorice. Pitchers of frosty beer are NEEDED to help power down true Buffalo wings, and a frosty brew would definitely help cool you down when you check out photos of this spicy Cyber Girl. Dawn worked as a Hooters girl in Buffalo (which begs the question: Which is hotter, the wings or the waitress?) before hitting the road to pursue her modeling career in Las Vegas. We're sure Dawn will light up the modeling world like Vegas lights up the desert night, but while she's looking for good modeling opportunities, she's also looking for a good man. Her ideal man is "outspoken, positive, grateful and pleasing." When she finds Mr. Right he should know that Dawn loves to be surrounded by stars. "A campfire with marshmallows, a bottle of wine, and good conversation" are what it takes to heat up this hot Cyber Girl.
  • June 10, 2001
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