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Donna Edmondson 2 photos
Greensborough, North Carolina
5' 10"
127 lbs
According to Donna Edmondson -- Miss November and newly licensed real-estate agent -- the difference between a house and a home is simple: "The home is what everyone dreams of having," she says, "and the house is what everyone dreads buying." Is that an old saying? we ask. "Nah," laughs Donna. "I think I just made it up."

Not unlike the dream houses she'll soon be selling, everything in this dream girl's life is mapped out to blueprint perfection. Born 20 years ago in Greensboro, North Carolina, she has decided to stay put. With her brand-new license in hand, she considers the quiet Bible Belt town she has come to love the perfect place to hang her shingle. "I'm a hometown girl. I have connections here."

Donna considers herself very religious ("I go to church every Sunday -- well, maybe I miss one Sunday a month") but has little use for "Falwell types," who, she says, "don't scare me. They'll never succeed in taking our freedom." In high school (where the yearbook staff dubbed her MOST LIKELY TO BE A BUNNY), she collected scrapbooks full of scholastic awards, held down a job and still found the time to play first base on the girls' softball team. Her interest in real estate began when her father was losing money on time-share investments. "So I went to real-estate school, took the state exam and passed on the first try. Now I can help Dad, selling him stuff he can own."

On the subject of men, Donna admits a certain lack of experience: "Men are wonderful," she practically whispers, "but I haven't really let one close enough to me that I can talk about sex the way some girls can. Virginity isn't something you discuss. I'm not ashamed of still having mine, mind you. It's just not something I really want to talk about -- except, of course, with the man who takes it away from me. I thought about that when I posed for my layout -- imagining the kind of sex I'll one day have. I don't know when or where it will happen. But I do know it'll be with somebody I know and love. And if the time is right ..." She smiles. "I can't wait to find out what he looks like."
  • October 31, 1986
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  • Anonymous
    Great memories with Donna! one ofthe most beautylful playboy women
  • JOHN
    the most beautiful woman ever playboy has brought ud.
  • Sebastian
    This pictorial, to me, epitomizes the Playboy Playmate ideal of "the girl next door." It is stunning to me that at the time these pics were taken, that she was still a virgin - as her ability to exude sexuality while also maintaining a natural sweetness is (even within the great walls of Playboy) a hard to find, rare ability. I must say that I am particularly fond of the Playmates from the 70's and 80's for their lack of augmentation and their distinct looks. I still enjoy all of the ladies Playboy displays, however more recently, they often seem to look too similar to each other to identify one from the other, and some of the breast augmentations are less obvious than others. That is why Donna is one of the greatest in a magazine devoted to the greats...
    I would just like to say when I saw Donna as Miss November I was absolutely stunned. In her intro as a Playmate she remarked how she liked to be looked at and not gawked at. With all due respect Donna made this bachelor "GAWK" at her while she made me "BUFF MY BANANA." Thank you Donna and Playboy.
  • Craig
    Donna was a worthy Playmate of The Year
  • Mark
    Donna was the first playmate I ever saw and I sure had fun with her pictorial. A lot of fun many times over. The centerfold was awesome. Brings back some great memories of checking out those 36Ds for the first time. Hmmm, gives me an idea :)
  • Justin
  • JOHN