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Dorothy Stratten 3 photos
Vancouver, BC
5' 9"
123 lbs
"I'm definitely a sucker for the romantic approach," admits Vancouver-born Dorothy Stratten, a statuesque blonde who also happens to have been a finalist in our Great Playmate Hunt. "Romance is effective for me," she continues, "because I'm a very sensitive person. I can laugh and cry over something in the same moment. Small romantic gestures - like getting flowers at an unexpected moment - really turn me on; but my main romantic daydream is to be up in the mountains with lots of snow on the ground, in some rustic old cabin with a roaring fire, a candlelight dinner for two, and later, wine on the couch by the fire and soft music. I know it sounds old-fashioned in a way, but I don't care." When she's not concocting romantic scenarios, Dorothy, who recently moved south to sunny Los Angeles from British Columbia, attends an exercise class regularly ("I'm so paranoid about getting fat - it's the most neurotic thing about me"), takes acting classes ("I'd like to be competent in all types of acting - romance, drama, comedy, even horror"), works as a Bunny at the L.A. club and writes poetry - romantic poetry, of course. "I think I express myself better in poetic form," Dorothy muses. "I'm basically a very shy person and I often get frustrated trying to express myself verbally, so I'll just write a poem for a friend and communicate my feelings that way. I get my inspiration at the strangest times, though - in the shower, at the dinner table, on a bus. But no matter where I am, I just have to write my thoughts down immediately." Although Dorothy's poetry is not intended for publication, she did consent to let us print the following verse: "The intimate feeling / of your touch / your body / against mine / embraced / and protected. Words are spared / but are not needed / because the message / is felt / mutually. In your absence / my mind is still / on our time spent / but also, / my mind / is on tomorrow / hoping it will be / as the yesterday / we were together / because / I love you."
  • July 31, 1979
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  • Anonymous
    Recently watching Galaxina for the first time, Dorothy Stratten wasn't a familiar name to me but her iconic image was at once recognizable. So I googled because she must have been famous for something other than Galaxina ... I had no idea that I was looking at the inspiration for Death of a Centerfold & Star '80 but I could tell she was something special. The late 70's were a wild & fun time to be young (for those of us that lived to tell the tale anyway), but my life has been so rich and full in the years since - I can't imagine being robbed of the last 33 years ... such a shame.
  • Carl
    Sad that she is not with us anymore...she was a genuine GODDESS !! of Playboy's finest !!!!
  • Anonymous
    Oh Dorothy, every time I see you, my eyes fill with tears and I lose a breathe, I think "If I could just go back in time to that Thursday August 14, 1980 to 10881 Clarkson Road, West Los Angeles, CA and keep you from entering that house." To this very day it still hurts me deep down inside, causing my heart to skip a beat and my eyes to blur from tears, as if I just heard the tragic news all over again. Here, it's 32 years later and I still just can't get over it. I know for a fact that there is one Beautiful Angel in Heaven. You will never be forgotten Dorothy.
  • Anonymous
    An unforgetable playmate....The leading lady of a stunning dozen. 1979 was an anniversary year for playboy and it was the year they discover such beautiful girls like Candy Loving, Missy Clevelant, Michelle Drake, Candice Collins, Sylvie Garlant, Dorothy May, Vicki McCarty, Louann Fernald...and the prettiest of them all, Mrs Stratten....a year to remeber.