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North Hollywood, CA
5' 4"
105 lbs
Flowers bloom in June and so, too, it seems, do French Canadian Cyber Girls. But even though our latest CGOW, Erika Michelle Barre, was born in Montreal, she's lived in and visited several warm-weather climates. From Los Angeles to St. Martin, her visa is chock full of stamps. "I have traveled a lot throughout my life and I have lived in many different places [because] my stepfather was a professional hockey player;" Erika told us. Her travels also take her to St. Martin, where her father lives. While some may lament the fact that their father and mother are so far apart geographically, Erika had a refreshingly different view of her situation. "I visit my father, who I love so, so, so much, two times a year," Erika gushed, and then added, "I have been fortunate enough to (have) two wonderful dads and two wonderful moms?' She intends to make all of her parents proud by finishing school and then pursuing her love of fashion by opening her own clothing boutique. "I am very into fashion—It's my true passion!' Here's hoping Erika opens her own store and has the policy of modeling her goods. That would be sure to ignite a fair share of passion.
  • June 17, 2001
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