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Erin Alexandra 1 photos
New York, NY
5' 7"
122 lbs
DON’T COME INTO my bar, Black-Finn in New York City, and order a vodka tonic or a vodka and cranberry with a top-shelf vodka such as Ketel One. If you like Ketel One you should have it neat or on the rocks. Mixers are for well drinks. LET ME KNOW if you see a girl at the end of the bar you’re interested in. When she’s done with her drink, I’ll tell her an awesome, handsome, sweet man (a.k.a. you) wants to buy her a drink. Girls always trust the opinion of other girls. IF YOU BRING a date to a bar, take note of how she treats the bartender. It’s a good indication of how she’ll treat your friends. I LIKE SHOWING OFF my boobs when I bartend. So please enjoy them. But also, please look me in the eyes when you’re ordering a drink.
  • July 14, 2011
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    It easy to over look this gorgeous girl with all the beauty on Playboy Plus but I must say she is exquisite! A beautiful expressive face with lovely natural breasts and those amazing hips and thighs make her an instant classic. I hope we see more pictorials and videos of Erin! I would have loved a few profile and rear shots of her gluteus maximus. I hope more is coming.