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Janie Andrews 3 photos
N/A, N/A
5' 7"
110 lbs

Playboy: How does mortgage brokering work?

Janie: I call a client and try to get him a lower interest rate than the one he's paying. It sounds boring, but I love it.

Playboy: What does it pay?

Janie: I can easily make $10,000 a month. I work to be independent and have fun on my own time. I'm all business at my job, and I go wild after hours -- it's as if I have an alter ego.

Playboy: We guess your work attire is different from what you wear when you go out to play.

Janie: At work I wear big clothes and keep my hair pulled back -- the sexy librarian look. When I go out, it's big hair and small clothes. I'm five-foot-10, so I wear short skirts to show off my legs.

Playboy: Please tell us you show off other parts, too.

Janie: Yes, I love my double Ds.

Playboy: Who doesn't?

Janie: Ha! They do make it easier for me to close the deal.

Playboy: What do you like to do when you're out on the town?

Janie: Dance at clubs. Sometimes I'll wear a blonde wig just to be mysterious. I love change, which is why I can't be in a committed relationship. I understand why guys don't like sleeping with the same person all the time -- I don't either.

  • March 31, 2007
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  • Mark
    Nowhere near enough pics but I think #6 will get the job done.