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Malmo, Sweden
5' 8"
110 lbs
Last month, we were loaded with French Canadian Cyber Girls. This month starts with a more European feel as we welcome our first Swedish Cyber Girl of the Week, Jeanette Rundgren. This spectacular Swede may not be as blonde as our most famous Swedish Playmate, 1997 PMOY Victoria Silvstedt, but she is every bit as beautiful and fun. Jeanette sent us this note to pass along to all the Cyber Club members after we told her she was becoming a part of the Playboy family. "Hi, my name is Jeanette and I come from this little country in northern Europe called Sweden—yeah, that's where all us pretty girls are. [I was] born and raised in a small town [and] at the age of 18 I headed south to Milano to pursue a modeling career. I got signed by Elite but now I have realized that it [is] much more fun to pose for publications like Playboy." Her modeling career has taken her all over Europe, the United States and more exotic locations such as Thailand, where she rode an elephant for the first time. She enjoys the United States when she's here to model—especially California. "The beaches (there) are great. I enjoy walking on your sandy beaches," Jeanette said. We're sure the guys on the beaches Jeanette visits feel the same way.
  • July 1, 2001
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    What a body ! I love her luxuriant long hair and her piercing eyes.