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Special Edition


Jennifer Kohut 3 photos
Calgary, AB
5' 6"
125 lbs
Playboy: What do you do?
Jennifer: I’m an environmental health and safety consultant in the oil and gas industry. That means boys listen to me, and if they don’t, they’re in trouble. 

Playboy: Aside from that, what does your work involve? 
Jennifer: Well, when they get into actual trouble, I may have to climb a 350-foot tower to rescue them and then rappel down to the onsite High Angle Rescue Team. Together we help get the injured person medical attention. 

Playboy: How often does that occur? 
Jennifer: You would hope it would be extremely rare, but it’s happened three times in six years. One of the guys weighed 250 pounds. Thankfully we’ve had no casualties or catastrophic injuries to date. 

Playboy: He weighed 250? You look delicate. 
Jennifer: I’m strong, but I’m not butch. I’m a lady. 

Playboy: Your gorgeous curves show you’re all woman. If one were to buy you a drink…. 
Jennifer: Canadian whiskey and water, make it a double! 

Playboy: What would your ideal dinner date be? 
Jennifer: I may be a lady, but I’m independent. I’m paying.
  • September 30, 2009
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