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Jennifer Vaughn 19 photos
Houston, TX
5' 7"
110 lbs
Jennifer Vaughn is your Cybergirl of the Year 2013, and she’s on top in this set from photographer Holly Randall. It’s another perfect day in Cabo San Lucas, all blue skies and clear waters, and Jen is stunning in a little black bikini and heels. She takes it off for a more even tan, and she’s even more stunning in the nude. “There’s only one Cybergirl of the Year,” says Jen, “and I feel so blessed to be the one. We shot this set at Villa Cielito, a mansion in Cabo – super hot, and y’all are gonna love it!” In Spanish, cielito means ‘little piece of heaven’ – and that’s a perfect description of Jennifer Vaughn.
  • November 1, 2013
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  • Eric  Russell
    Eric Russell
    Today is my birthday and for that I wish to win the prize. it would be an honor and the best present I could ever get. Eric
  • Carlos Cavazos
    Carlos Cavazos
    Jennifer always delivering nice pics and comments
  • Ron
    This beauty Has to be mad a Playmate and then PMOY.. Really Playboy, don't let this slip....
  • Matt
    The most gifted talented and sexiest woman I ever laid eyes on truly the woman of my dreams a pure goddess this is Cohenprime86 from twitter
  • Jamil QuelloScelto Whitaker
    Jamil QuelloScelto Whitaker
    5 bunnies for Jennifer Vaughn is an understatement...
  • GOMH*
    I do't need any incentive to rate Jennifer 5 bunnies. But, to be fair, I will accept anything in return for my brutal honesty. Always née to be nice …
  • Luis Marius
    Luis Marius
    5 bunnies to a beautiful and intelligent woman. Have a great weekend.
  • Alex Burt
    Alex Burt
    sexy, playful, carefree. Your pictorials and videos always take my breathe away. It's like you're the Hope Diamond: beautiful, special, rare, not for sale. Hope you have a great weekend Jennifer.
  • Bartman
    I'm in love or in lust - I cant tell which!
  • mike justice
    mike justice
    Very sexy pictorial sweetness!..Please consider me for a signed photo!...Kisses! Rated 5 bunnies!
  • tech4hire
    So very lovely...brings sexy to a new level.
  • pete pochkowski
    pete pochkowski
    once again, Jennifer always delivers a quality shoot, no matter the backdrop on the beach or inside in an intimate setting, her beauty radiates throughout her work, she is beautiful, sexy, sweet, charming, funny, full of great personalty and one class act all rolled into one! :)
  • Aaron McFarland
    Aaron McFarland
    always great, love the 1st of the month.
  • Playboy_Jake
    Jennifer is so stunning!! Hope to see her in more pictorials! She has a very unique look. Hope to see her become a Playmate in some country!
  • Brandon Wilson
    Brandon Wilson
    Jennifer, you are so freaking gorgeous! Would so love to meet you one day! :*
  • TheHottieOne
    comment??? When GOD finished you...Saw his work and said "it's too good to have more than one" and broke the mold! no one else like you ...
  • Rob van Gooswilligen
    Rob van Gooswilligen
    You are a natural beauty Jennifer and all the photos are amazing
  • Ron Johnson
    Ron Johnson
    Jennifer Vaughn, definately 5 bunnies, Breathtaking, she leaves you speechless
  • Tommie Butler
    Tommie Butler
    I would like to petition another year of Jennifer as CGOY any takers?
  • pete pochkowski
    pete pochkowski
    Hi Jennifer! once again, you always brighten up my day with your sheer beauty and sex appeal in a very classy way! keep on smiling and shining and why should the rating system stop at just five bunnies? it should be ten bunnies...or more...:)
  • Darrell W. Robinson
    Darrell W. Robinson
    Pretty Please Playboy,Make Miss Jennifer a Playmate! She would be a shoe-in for Playmate Of The Year!
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