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Katie Vernola 2 photos
Victorville, CA
5' 8"
125 lbs
Like a blast of walking sunshine, 18-year-old Katie Vernola is everything the Beach Boys promised a southern California girl would be. You want a woman who loves sun, surf and sand? Katie, a veteran of 11 years of cheerleading by her senior year in San Clemente, is not only an avid wakeboarder, snorkeler and bodyboarder, she even got up on a surfboard for her Miss June shoot. "I'm still pinching myself about becoming a Playmate!" Katie laughs with her captivating Goldie Hawn/Kate Hudson-like giggle. Moving on to the world of little deuce coupes, Katie pines for her ultimate dream ride, a pink Lamborghini Gallardo. "I love whipping my head back and riding in fast, exotic cars!" Not just a front seat ornament, she's also a grease monkey. "Yep, I can put on rims and tires, balance them and change your oil, too," she boasts. "So if you ever have any car trouble, call me." Will do, Katie. But what if we're looking for a girl in an itty-bitty polka-dot bikini...or less? No problem. "I always wanted to be a model and be in Playboy, and now it's all happening so quickly. I'm like, 'Okay, let's go!' And as far as posing nude goes, I just thought, Everyone has boobs and a butt, so it's not that big a deal. And anyway, during the shoot I felt like, I'm free – yippee!"
  • May 31, 2010
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