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Kimberley Cohen 3 photos
Chicago, IL
5' 7"
124 lbs
Playboy: This looks like the perfect Wrigleyville bar to have a beer before a Cubs game. Kimberley: Upstairs we have batting cages if you need another distraction. Playboy: You are enough of a distraction for us. Do we detect an accent? Kimberley: I’m from Australia. Playboy: What brings you to Chicago? Kimberley: I’ve traveled all around the U.S., and I like the people and weather here the best. Playboy: And the Cubs? Kimberley: Go, Cubs, go! Playboy: What’s the preferred drink here? Kimberley: We serve a lot of beer—Old Style and Bud Light—and people order plenty of bomb shots. Playboy: Anything refreshing for the summer weather? Kimberley: I’ll shake up some Sluggers. Playboy: Forgive us for being forward, but would you like to pose for Playboy? Kimberley: That would be a dream. Playboy: When can you come in? Kimberley: Check the Cubs’ schedule to see when they have a road game. THE SLUGGER 1½ oz. Maker's Mark ½ oz. Triple Sec Juice of half of lemon Ginger ale Shake all but ginger ale with ice, pour into pint glass over ice and top with ginger ale.
  • May 12, 2011
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