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Kristin Mullaney 2 photos
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Playboy: So what do you do?

Kristin: I'm a phlebotomist. I draw blood for testing.

Playboy: Can you spell phlebotomist?

Kristin: Yes.

Playboy: What led you to phlebotomy?

Kristin: I like caring for people, and I have a knack for finding a vein on the first try.

Playboy: How long did it take you to perfect your skill?

Kristin: Not long. I'm a natural. When I was in training, my dad let me poke him with needles for practice at home.

Playboy: Any horror stories?

Kristin: My very first patient passed out. I thought I'd killed him. Turns out he was diabetic and low on sugar.

Playboy: Do men act macho before you draw their blood?

Kristin: Some guys talk tough to impress me, but I've noticed that the bigger they are, the more they fear the needle.

Playboy: Do men notice your body when you're on the job?

Kristin: My boobs do get some attention when I wear just a tank top under a lab coat. They're real, and I'm proud of them. But usually I'm wearing a baggy pair of scrubs.

Playboy: What's it like wearing scrubs to work?

Kristin: Fantastic. I get to wear pajamas all day.

  • November 30, 2006
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  • Anonymous
    What a beautiful woman you are Kristen !!!! It was a pleasure to meet and hang with you .......