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Lisa Perry 3 photos
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5' 4"
107 lbs

Playboy: How long have you been cheering for the Colts?

Lisa: I was with the Colts for five years and I was a captain, but I'm no longer a Colts cheerleader. I still root for them to win, but right now I'm actually a reporter for

Playboy: Any reason for the change?

Lisa: Most NFL teams have a rule about fraternizing with the players.

Playboy: Details, please.

Lisa: It's a good story. We were in Tokyo for a preseason game. Afterward I went to my room to take a shower. Other girls came in, and they were sitting around eating when there was a knock on the door. I figured it was another cheerleader, so I said, "Come in." The door opened, and it was a couple of players. I was like, "Shut my door. What are you guys doing?" I'm in a room next door to my director, players are there, and I am in a towel. It looks bad -- though I do look good in a towel. Sure enough, I got caught. A high-profile player, who will remain nameless, was hiding in my shower.

Playboy: Sounds innocent enough.

Lisa: It was, 100 percent -- this time. But my director had it in for me all year. The anti-fraternization rule is the worst. It just happens. I'm friends with the players, and I'll stay friends with them.

  • November 30, 2005
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