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Marilyn Lange 2 photos
Westfield, New Jersey
5' 7"
130 lbs
"One nice thing about living in Hawaii," said island resident and 1975 Playmate of the Year Marilyn Lange, "is that you can make love outdoors. That's an experience people in New York or Chicago seldom have." There are many reasons to travel to Hawaii - beautiful beaches, crystal-clear oceans and towering waves that challenge even the most experienced surfer. But after looking at these gorgeous photos of the coy and curvaceous Marilyn Lange, you'll have a new number one reason to take a tropical getaway.
  • December 31, 1974
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  • gemma liar
    gemma liar
    Marilyn lange was the ONLY set of photos in my bedroom ( all 4 walls COVERED in photos) which were NOT sports photos when I was in high school,,,,,,,,,,,,,now as an adult ( in an industry surrounded by 1000's of women NAKED--- in this business in D FLA since 1989) I can safely say that Marilyn is probably the finest looking woman I have even seen--in person or in film or photos. Add to that she is 5'7" ( IM 6'2) and in recent pics she didn't dye her hair( totally fabulous!!) I would pay playboy plenty just to take her to a dinner to be seen with her and see and hear what type of person dwells in that spectacular human physique. (NOTE : My girlfriend now is 5'6 133 with DD natural breasts..... yet I would still dinner Marilyn just to meet the most attractive woman of my generation)