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Marisa Jacobson 4 photos
N/A, N/A
5' 7"
112 lbs

Playboy: You cut a familiar figure around Playboy's New York office. What exactly do you do?

Marisa: I assist our publisher, Louis Mohn, and a number of sales representatives. I schedule their meetings, conference calls and travel, and I work on correspondence and relations with clients and other departments in our office.

Playboy: Sounds like you're running the show.

Marisa: Shhh -- don't tell Lou. Just kidding! Basically I try to help make everything run smoothly.

Playboy: What do you like most about your job?

Marisa: Most of the outside parties I deal with and everybody at Playboy are extremely easy to talk to. That approachable quality makes me appreciate where I am. Plus I get free porn.

Playboy: Did you ever think you'd be in the magazine?

Marisa: I've never been shy about nudity, but it definitely wasn't my first thought. The longer you work here, the more open and appreciative of the female body you become. I think I've become even more comfortable with myself. I didn't think twice when the idea of posing came up. Playboy is iconic, and it was an honor to be asked.

Playboy: Do you think your work will be affected by this shoot?

Marisa: Sometimes it's tough to wrangle people for meetings. They may call me back more quickly now.

  • July 31, 2008
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