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Special Edition


Michele Marx 2 photos
Los Angeles , CA
5' 6"
123 lbs
Playboy: What do you do?
Michele: I’m the principal of a private elementary school. 

Playboy: Kids these days are lucky. How did you become a principal? 
Michele: I started out as a kindergarten teacher and worked my way up. 

Playboy: Do you prefer it to teaching? 
Michele: Yes. I still work with kids, which I cherish, but I don’t have to be tied to a classroom. Also, I like to be in charge. 

Playboy: What’s the downside? 
Michele: Dealing with some of the parents can be draining. 

Playboy: Do you have any “hot for teacher” outfits? 
Michele: Not for school. 

Playboy: Still, we’d be bad boys if it would get us sent to the principal’s office. 
Michele: I have to cover up my boobs for school. If you think mom jeans are bad, you should see some of the outfits I wear. 

Playboy: Have you ever run into someone from school in your civilian life? 
Michele: Yes, I bumped into one of my teachers at a bar when I had my cleavage out. That was awkward. 

Playboy: How will your students’s parents react to your being in Playboy? 
Michele: If they see it, then they’re looking at Playboy and are participating one way or another. 

Playboy: So, pantsuit principal by day and sexy party girl by night. 
Michele: Actually on most nights I’m in bed by nine. 

Playboy: Just our kind of girl.
  • April 30, 2010
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  • Richard
    wowowooooooo perfect ass! more please
  • LOU
    Don't make me beg...please, we must see more of Michele! That may be the nicest butt of all time!