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Natasha Bernasek 2 photos
Las Vegas, Nevada
5' 9"
135 lbs
If a person's spirit for life could be harnessed into electricity, this week's Cyber Girl, Natasha Bernasek, could light up even the glitzlest sign in her hometown of Las Vegas. Whether it's taking an impromptu dip with her friend in an Arizona hot spring during a hiking trip or dazzling patrons in the Las Vegas production she works in as a showgirl, Natasha, as she beamed to us, has "a great spirit for life.'' She credits this love of life—and eating right, exercise and relaxation—for helping keep her body in tip-top shape. "I am amazed by the power of the body, mind and spirit!" Looking at her body gets us pondering the same powers. A man with strong hands can flip Natasha's switch, especially if he's gifted at giving massages. But to work your way into Natasha's exclusive show you'll need more substance than glitz to get a second audition. For her ideal romantic weekend she told us the simplier the better. Just a "lot of sun and sex," she said.
  • August 12, 2001
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