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Playboy: You’re a trucker, which is kind of funny. Many people don’t think of women as skilled drivers.

Nelley: That’s the stereotype, but I’m an exception. I can back up an 18-wheeler.

Playboy: You also look nothing like most truckers.

Nelley: I know. It’s a male-dominated field.

Playboy: Yes, often very large males.

Nelley: Life on the road isn’t always very healthy, but I try to stay away from diner food.

Playboy: What do you haul?

Nelley: I tow luxury cars, mostly Lamborghinis and Bentleys. I joke that it’s as close as I’ll ever get to driving a Bentley.

Playboy: How do you get through the long shifts?

Nelley: A lot of coffee and energy drinks.

Playboy: When did you first decide to be a trucker?

Nelley: One time my friend and I were having coffee—see, I told you—and these two guys started to hit on us. It turned out they were truckers and needed a place to stay. I ended up dating one and riding shotgun with him on trips, which led to being his relief driver. We broke up, but I stuck with the road.

Playboy: His “relief driver.” What does that mean? Sounds as if it might be kinky.

Nelley: I guess it might, but it just means that when he got tired I would take the wheel.

Playboy: Have you ever flashed someone on the road?

Nelley: Oh yes, I sure have.

Playboy: Have you ever had sex in the sleeper cab?

Nelley: Of course! But I can do you one better: I had sex once in the cab while I was driving.

  • December 31, 2008
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