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Brandi Brandt 2 photos
Santa Clara, CA
5' 5"
105 lbs
She was just 18 when we made her acquaintance and already Miss October 1987 Brandi Brandt was brimming with the energy, passion and charm of someone poised to take on the world. To be sure, the Filipino-German-Irish-Cherokee Californian was destined from the beginning to favor life’s express lane: Her mom is veteran Los Angeles rocker Brie Howard, and Brandi’s earliest memories include attending an Alice Cooper concert when she was two. So it was no surprise that after spending her teen years in her dad’s quieter Sacramento digs, Brandi headed back to Los Angeles—and the spotlight. “It’s interesting, but I found it easier to pose for these photos than for my Centerfold,” says Brandi, letting her hair down one more time for Playboy’s cameras. “Back then I was a kid fresh out of high school, stripping off my clothes. But after working with Playboy over the past 10 years, I’m much more comfortable with my sexuality and my body. To tell the truth, I look better now.” No arguments here.
  • February 7, 2011
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  • Anonymous
    Brandi is arguably one of the most beautiful/hottest women in the world! Are there any pics "nude,of course" now? Women who are mature are the hottest!!!!!! No offense to the teen/20's playmates....... I was born in '62 and they just makr me feel old
  • ALIX
    Without a doubt, one of the most beautiful women to ever grace the pages of Playboy.
  • adcmelb
    If everybody likes Brandi Brandt without clothes they might like her with prison clothes she in the process of being extradited to Australia for drug smuggling.