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Dolores Donlon 8 photos
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
5' 7"
110 lbs
THE GIRL NEXT DOOR Miss August imparts new meaning to the love thy neighbor bit Much has been said and written about the "girl-next-door" quality of Playboy's Playmates, even in literate journals like The Nation and the Saturday Review, and we've done a goodly bit of the saying ourselves. Lately, though, we've been wondering if the lot of us haven't been guilty of sloppy thinking in this area. For every girl (unless she's a hermit, and we don't know many of these) lives next door to someone; and, in this sense, every girl is a girl-next-door. Take Dolores Donlon, our August Playmate, for instance. This lithe, long-limbed, languorous, luscious blonde drives a snow-white T-bird and a baby blue Cad and lives in a two-story Spanish-style house with a swimming pool and 20 rooms (eight of them bedrooms). But does all this make her any less of a girl-next-door? Not if you happen to live next door to her in Beverly Hills, California, it doesn't -- and we know a couple of lucky lads who do.
  • August 30, 1957
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