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Marya Carter 1 photos
N/A, N/A
5' 8"
126 lbs
WATER SPRITE a nifty dipster makes a maytime splash If our judgment runs true to form, the most disconcerting hazard to navigation on the California coast this spring will prove to be willowy Marya Carter, a lass who is both a budding actress and our mermaiding Miss May. Like many another angelic Angeleno, this bouncy beachnik goes near the water as often as she can for a liquid diet of scuba diving, water skiing and attendant surfside rompings. Endowed with flowing brown tresses and an eminently suitable fuselage (37-23-36), she has high hopes of eventually making a big splash in showbiz, preferably in dramatic roles. While awaiting the tide in her affairs that will lead on to starry heights, our 20-year-old Playmate works hard at thesping studies, relaxes with the many boat-swains who find her a shipshape date to remember (though quick to put the damper on overly opinionated guys who talk at length, she gets along swimmingly with more considerate types). For an exclusive showing of our featured aquatic attraction we invite you to join us in welcoming marvelous Marya.
  • May 30, 1962
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