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Terri Kimball 2 photos
Fort Myers, Florida
5' 5"
117 lbs
GOING HOME our May Playmate Terri Kimball rejoins her family for a week on Cape Cod When our Playmate, Terri Kimball, recently returned to Cape Cod, her homecoming represented much more than a routine reunion. She was returning to visit her three younger brothers, whom she hadn't seen in that many years. Nineteen-year-old Terri, a sparkling blue-eyed Bunny hutched at the Chicago Playboy Club, had been separated from her brothers since she left Massachusetts in 1961 and journeyed to St. Louis, where she lived with relatives for more than a year, working as a doctor's assistant. Speaking with a slight New England accent that barely suggests her Cape Cod upbringing, this freckle-faced charmer told us about her brothers: "We're so very close that telephoning and writing were just not enough -- I finally had to get home to see them. The four of us grew up together in Hyannis, a small town on the south side of the Cape, and the fact that our parents are divorced probably made us even closer than we might have been otherwise." Terri acknowledges that her brothers idolize her (justifiably, we think), and when our 5'5" Miss May arrived at the family homestead, she wasn't too surprised at the burst of affection that greeted her. Brothers and sister spent the next few days just getting reacquainted. "They were all so big," Terri told us later. "My brothers were just children when I left -- and young men when I returned. Biff, the oldest, who's eighteen and a diehard Playboy fan, was bowled over when he learned I was rooming in the Bunny Dormitory with Pamela Gordon, a former Playmate who is an all-time favorite of his. In fact, he told me he has Pamela's Playmate pose pasted inside his prep-school locker, and I promised to have Pam call him on his birthday. And when I told them I'd been chosen May Playmate, they were totally overwhelmed." Though her visit lasted only a week, our pert, raven-tressed Miss May found time for her favorite pastime, deep-sea fishing in Cape Cod Bay with brother Biff. She later escorted brothers three on a daylong junket to Provincetown, there treating them to a lobster repast, with Terri herself savoring a steak. "I'm allergic to seafood," she told us. "I guess if I liked it a lot this would be a real tragedy, especially for a Cape Cod girl, but -- fortunately for me -- I'm not a fish fan anyway." Of her brothers, Terri won't pick a favorite ("They're all great"), but says she most resembles Bruce, her middle brother. "He's fifteen, and a loner, like me. In fact, he and I could be two fingers on the same glove. We're both something of an enigma: rebels, possibly too independent for our own good, and yet sometimes we become quite dependent on others." Our 36-23-36 Miss May is delightfully formed of equal parts Cherokee and Irish. "My mother was born on a reservation in Arkansas, which I visited once, when my great-grandfather died. It didn't take me long to learn that I'm related to half the state -- I found more cousins than I could count." When in Chicago, Terri is a videophile whose preferences range from "The Beverly Hillbillies" to "The Bell Telephone Hour." She also voices a musical weakness for classic jazz -- both New Orleans and Chicago style, and among vocal entertainers especially enjoys Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis Jr. Her ideal evening on the town consists of a quiet meal at a good restaurant with a man who's tall, dark and assertively masculine. No need to add that our Playmate herself is assertively feminine, but skeptics may refer to the gatefold for pictorial proof.
  • May 30, 1964
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