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Morristown, New Jersey
5' 3"
110 lbs
When you meet Helena Antonaccio for the first time, she has a charmingly modest habit of lowering her eyelashes - a persistent holdover from her bashful teens. "I was always a shy type," she admits, "but since becoming a Bunny, I've learned to be more outgoing. Looking back on it, though, I don't know how I ever got up the courage even to apply for the job." Our New Jersey miss had gone to New York to try out for a wig-modeling assignment. "I'd done some face modeling," she says, "so I had a little confidence in myself. But when I didn't get picked for the wig layout, I was really depressed. Not ready to go home and admit defeat, I just started walking around - and I found myself in front of The Playboy Club. I had often wondered what it was like, so I went in and, on an impulse, asked the Door Bunny what it took to qualify. She directed me to the Bunny Mother, who interviewed me, had me try on a costume, and then - just like that - told me I was accepted for training. So instead of being a failure, I went home with an exciting new career. My folks were as happy as I was. And now to be a Playmate, too - I'm sure glad I didn't get that wig-modeling job." So are we.
  • June 1, 1969
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    My all-time favourite also. I've exchanged emails with her and she's certainly one of the kindest people on earth. Beautiful inside and out... a rare flower.
    My All Time Favorite Playmate. I've met her and she is a very spirited, and decidedly intelligent woman.
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    Also my all time favourite and having met her she is a most intelligent funny beautiful woman.