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P.J. Lansing 3 photos
Frankford, Missouri
5' 4"
121 lbs
There's a special appeal to small university towns. Mostly because of the influence of their student populations, they offer attractions sometimes thought to exist only in big cities: informal bars and restaurants, trendy shops and a wide cultural diversity. Yet they don't have to deal with many of the too-familiar urban ills. Such a place is Boulder, home of the University of Colorado and - since last summer - 22-year-old P.J. Lansing (she does have a first and second name, but just the initials will do, thank you). P.J. was drawn to the town for all of the above reasons, plus the stunning mountain scenery that surrounds it. "I moved to Boulder after finishing three years at the University of Missouri and found it absolutely perfect." A fashion-retailing major, P.J. quickly put her undergraduate background to use, taking a job in a local fabric shop. "I was in no hurry to resume college, so the idea of working for a while was attractive. For me, it was enough just to be here." At the moment, she has dropped the idea of studying fashion retailing in favor of something more immediately beneficial. "Next summer, I plan to go backpacking through Scandinavia, so I'm taking courses in Swedish. It will help a lot if I can learn to use some phrases. I'm still working some and am enrolled in just a few classes, so technically I'm a special student." We can think of no better adjective to describe Miss Lansing.
  • January 31, 1972
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    How could this portfolio rate only two bunnies, guys? Most of the photos are excellent nudes. Pics #11, 12 and 14 are for the ages, each telling is own story of a very beautiful lady.